Ever Wonder what it would be like to choose heaven?

Close-knit Mexican American Christian family, the Esperanzas, are rocked by the death of their middle son, eighteen-year-old Gabriel. Angel Gabriel is introduced to three angels and given a short tour of heaven-lite before returning to earth to see that three months have passed. Gifted with an angelic aura light power, a kind of energy that can shoot down negativity and build up the positive, he helps his now pregnant sister by giving her the courage to announce the pregnancy to their parents and the father-to-be, whom she ghosted because of her shame. His girlfriend also chose a sinful path and has gone off the deep end, finding comfort in booze and boys. Gabriel helps her fight her powerful force of demons with his light powers, but she has bitten the apple, tasted its sweet poison, and becoming bound tighter and tighter by the sadistic serpent proves to be a challenging task for them both. Gabriel also discovers his brother is engaged and his fiancée is secretly a medium who can see and hear Gabriel. They become best friends, but she can’t keep the secret from his brother any longer. Her options are to lose her fiancé or to lose her transcendental best friend. Will Gabriel be able to help his family, or will they succumb to their own sinful paths?

For fans of The Magic Treehouse, SPYders serves as a great read aloud for third graders and up.

Deep in the heart of Texas is a top-secret location. In that top-secret location is a top-secret building. In that top-secret building is a top-secret office. In that top-secret office is where we meet Nid. Nid is a file clerk and works for the Supreme Intelligence Agency, or SIA. The SIA created genetically modified Spyders, whose webs are unbreakable, and whose lifespan is much longer than a normal spider, indestructible for most. Nid was created to be a Mission Spyder, but is terribly afraid of heights, and has never been out on the field before. He is ordered to gather intel, or Military Information about an enemy's secret plan, on a possible attack which earns him a spot on the elite team of Mission Spyders. Will he succumb to his own fears, or will he overcome his fears and help save the ballet?

In the heat of an August evening, Victoria Vigna goes for a swim alone but returns home with an extra soul. Victoria or V as her friends and family call her, just graduated from high school and has her life all planned out. Being possessed by the newly deceased Natalie Knight is not in that plan.Together they must find out the mystery of how Natalie died. Follow them on a life-changing journey, comical conversations while trying to coexist, and thrilling experiences make this a fun sleuth book for all.