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Welcome to The Tri-Cities Series

The first in the Tri-Cities Series,

A Raven in Transyl

follows the eldest son of the Adams family, Lincoln Adams, as he opens his brand-new business, a coffee shop and bakery in the heart of a struggling downtown European-like shopping center. Lincoln is boasting with pride when he meets a beautiful new resident, Jenna, who has had a day from hell. They hit it off right away until it's discovered that she is also opening a bakery next door to his.

Figurative daggers fly, as do sizzling sparks, in this romantic comedy for new adult/NA readers.

Angsty romantic comedy fans and those who love the dark academia aesthetic will love this rom-com, with its Addams Family esq setting in Transyl, Utah. Don't worry, no vampires here.

Readers will enjoy the uncozy descriptions of the courtyard with its colorful gothic architecture, mixture of dark and light greenery and flowers, and eccentric shops like The Burger Place with a vibrant venus flytrap eating a burger sign.

Jenna gets to know his large family, instantly becoming a hit with Lincoln's sister. His attempts at shutting down her bakery, or just making her life difficult, stay at the forefront of his mind as he tries to separate business from personal, which is also hard to do as they live next door to one another.

I am the queen of the uncozy mystery and the uncozy romance, a coined phrase that means I like to put the spooky in everyday life.

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Uncozy: Not the opposite of cozy, but a word that brings about a uniquely eerie sense of coziness. Picture yourself alone in an old cottage in the woods, sitting in a tuft green chair next to a crackling fire, wrapped snuggly in a blanket adorned with ghostly figures, engrossed in your favorite book. The gentle melody of Autumn Moon fills the air, as you reach for a plate of freshly baked almond and cherry biscotti resting on a dark oak table. You dip the biscotti into a steaming cup of coffee or tea, complete with whipped cream, served in a Jack-o-lantern mug. Outside, the rain cascades down the diamond-paned window, adding to the enchanting ambience. The lightning is coming ever closer, the thunder shakes the walls. There's a hint of fear in your chest but you are too entranced in your novel to come out of your dreamworld.

person in red robe standing on green grass field near bare trees during daytime
person in red robe standing on green grass field near bare trees during daytime